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Upon seeing this photo on purgatorio1.com, I could not resist posting it here and seeing if you guys could guess who this is. This is someone well known in Christian circles, but I didn't guess correctly who it was. I'm thinking you'll be GLAD to have seen this.

(I must say, the glasses are reminiscent of Elton John.....)

Answer is here....

i found you on the josh harris blog. after reading your re-cap of the incredible NA messages, i had to encourage you: Don't stop now!
Keep blogging for the glory of God.

((and if you're ever in the winter garden area, come visit grace church! :))

thanks so much! The way I look at it, God has placed much more wisdom in the men I hear preach than in me. Seems like the greatest benefit would be in reading what they have to say, rather than my useless chatter.

And I, the Gilland girls and Whit Tuggle have been trying to get to Grace Church since January now! Hopefully it'll happen one day!

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