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Sermon Resources

Sometime in the last month or so, Justin Taylor provided the following links on his blog. I don't know that all who read my blog are nerdy enough to read Justin's, so I thought I'd provide a copy of the links here.

"If you want to hear a sermon on the whole Bible, the whole OT, the whole NT, or overview sermons of each book of the Bible, look no further than these free sermon downloads by Mark Dever. What a gift to the church:

Overview Sermon of the Whole Bible

Overview Sermon of the Old Testament

Old Testament Overview Sermons

Overview Sermon of the New Testament

New Testament Overview Sermons

(HT: Greg Spraul)
(HT: Justin Taylor)"

Mark Dever does a splendid job at summarizing that which seems unable to be summarized. Don't be overwhelmed at the thought of listening to ALL of these sermons. Start with the New Testament and read through the book at hand before you hear the sermon and after you hear the sermon. It doesn't matter how you start, just start reading. Soon, if you are not already, you will fall in love with God's word. Don't pass up this blessed opportunity to get these teachings for free.

I want an original Jenn post on a subject, not only sermon summaries

And, have you listened to any of those Dever sermons yet?

haha....i don't have anything to say :-)

sure you do....you have things to say when you talk to me, so write those

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