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erasing shadows....

So often in friendships, we let little things go by, unchallenged and unbroached. It may be an off the cuff statement. It may be a misunderstood action. It may be the very lack of action. We let these little things build upon one another until all of the sudden, we just break and the friendships are often impacted in a negative way.

Once again, this was something I didn't have a title for until Diane Taulbee mentioned that her and a friend had made a committment to one another and to the Lord. They wanted to actively "erase shadows" from their friendship. If an action or comment by one gave the other an uneasy feeling, they would verbalize their concerns in those moments. This is in contrast to allowing slight hurt the opportunity to fester into a open sore.

I can't say that I have always been successful at doing this in my own life. In fact, I can flat out say that I have intensely failed at this time and time again, due to sin, e.g. self-pity, carelessness, pride.

But I can say this: the concept is more prominent in my mind. The desire to erase the shadows is there. The blessing of friends who understand the importance of this is there. The able strength of the Holy Spirit is within me.

"Be killing sin, or it will be killing you."
~John Owen

Proverbs 8:6-8
Hear, for I will speak noble things,
and from my lips will come what is right,
7for my mouth will utter truth;
wickedness is an abomination to my lips.
8All the words of my mouth are righteous;
there is nothing twisted or crooked in them.

Zachariah 8:16-17
16 These are the things you are to do: Speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgment in your courts;
do not plot evil against your neighbor, and do not love to swear falsely. I hate all this," declares the LORD.

2 Corinthians 6:4, 6-8
4...as servants of God we commend ourselves in every way: by great endurance, in afflictions, hardships, calamities,
by purity, knowledge, patience, kindness, the Holy Spirit, genuine love;
by truthful speech, and the power of God; with the weapons of righteousness for the right hand and for the left;
through honor and dishonor, through slander and praise.

Whoa, so true.
I like the idea of erasing shadows in my relationships... If only it was accomplished as eloquently as your blog has been written. =)

I love you, Jenn.

Just wanted to let you know that other than yourself Jen I know very few people who seek to abolish these things which you just described. I have nothing *but* respect for your example in this area and I hope that the grace of our father will continue to assist you with this. I hope you are encouraged by this jen


thank you for your kind words. coming from someone who has such a way with words, you calling my writing eloquent means a great deal!
I love you too! if only the distance were only fingerlengths...

it is absolutly only in God's grace that I have had any growth in this. It is one of many areas in my life where the Lord has redeemed failures of the past to spur me on to seek His glory in the future.

I was most assuredly blessed and encouraged by your words! Thank you!

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