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O Sinful Heart...

A friend of mine recently posted this on a group blog, and I thought to post part of it, as I was greatly encouraged/affected/reminded of the gospel in reading it.

"I think that I make to many decisions based on how I feel. If I let myself become informed by subjectivity, it will only lead to despair in a fallen world. Yet at times I cannot alleviate this weight that presses in on me so. My heart yearns to be joyful, but it as if my sin will not allow it. I begin to preach myself the Gospel again, but its foundation has been loosened in my life because of sin. It has almost lost its effect. How can I profess something that my life does not support? How can I call myself a child of God and yet live as a forsaken one? How can I sing a lyric that proclaims the sinner that I once was, when I am that now? O' sinful heart, you bring me to despair. I cannot bear my own deceitfulness."

I've gotta say, I think that our theological heroes would be pleased with the biblical accuarcy and heartfelt honesty that is written here. Even more, I think that God the Father is pleased that the writer here so understands the effects of sin, the still deceitfulness of a believers heart, and our continued inability to do anything about it apart from grace.

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