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How Great is Our God!!!

Frontliners is over....this creates a paradox of feelings in itself. I'm am sad that the constant fellowship and focus on the Lord is gone, but excited to see the ramifactions of such an event!
I can't remember all of the exact numbers, but approximately:

22,000 people were contact in 4 days by the students
The gospel was shared over 2000 times
Over 125 responded (obviously we don't know how many were sincere, but as far as a response goes) to the Spirit of the Lord moving in their hearts.

Those are the cold numbers, but there are so many amazing AMAZING stories.

By Wednesday evening, these students were worshipping God with every ounce of their soul.

On Tuesday afternoon, a group of students shared the Gospel with a Hindu man. When they asked if he would like to become a disciple of Christ's, he said yes. Unbeknowsnt to the students, this man's 10 year old daughter had been hiding behind her dad the whole time and heard everything the students shared. SHe then stepped out from behind her dad and said she wanted to know Jesus too.

On Tuesday evening, my friend Mike, who has been coming to church things for a few years now and is going to PBA in the fall and has a group of friends who have been praying for him for years...Mike became my brother in Christ on Tuesday evening!

On Wednesday, a team of students led 10 people to the Lord.

On a personal level, I am now going to Germany on a missions trip in October, if God provides the funds. I've never been on a missions trip before and am totally stoked about the opportunity!!!

There was a youth group from Louisiana there and the youth pastor shared the story of one os his students. This kid has had a rough year, and wasn't a believer coming into this week. He had had the gospel shared with him hundreds of times, but knew he wasn't a believer...everyone knew. He would have told you he wasn't. The funny thing was, he was totally excited to get to come and share Christ, even though he didn't know Christ. This youth pastor had been praying for this kid for 9 months, and another kid in the youth group had been praying for him for 5 years. On Tuesday evening, God drew this young man's heart towards him and became a believer as well.

Although my team didn't personally lead anyone to Christ, we went to over 250 houses and shared the gospel over 3o times. I can't wait to be in Heaven one day and find out how these seeds were reaped!!!!

Praise God for a good week and for willing students and for a ministry like Frontliners. We were so blessed to have both Kelly and Thomas speaking the word of the Lord over us each night and to be led to the throne of God by the Jason Elam band. My prayer is that each of these 7 men (2 speakers + 4 band guys + 1 sound guy) be blessed as much as they have blessed me and the youth group I am a part of.

*Update-I post none of this to the glory or uplifting of any man-the speakers, Bell Shoals pastors, the students, or myself. I only write of these things so that God's name may be made bigger and His glory be manifested throughout the whole earth*

wow! That is so amazing! Praise God! That is so precious about the little girl. Coming as a child... how very exciting.

It was great seeing you tonight! After so long! Love you Jenn!

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