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I AM is....

Jeremiah 29:11. Matthew 6:25-34. Luke 12:4-11. Luke 12:22-34. Psalm 33:10-11. Psalm 57:1-11. Psalm 138:6-8. Proverbs 19:20-21. Isaiah 14:26-27. Ephesians 1:11-14.

These are just a few times in His word that the Uncreated One has attempted to calm my wandering heart and mind. I can feel His Spirit whispering into my ear saying "I cannot plan the end and not plan the means. I have created you for a purpose-to worship Me. But I have also created you with passions in your heart that will allow you to fulfill your purpose. Trust in Me. Rest in My promises. You are My daughter and I love you. Nothing can change that. I will make My name known through you. I will make the Earth resound with My glory through you. Any desire that you have is mere dirt compared to the banquet I have prepared for you. Any dreams that you try to fulfill in YOUR fleshly timing will pale in comparison to the plans that I have for you in My perfect timing. Be captivated by Me-focus your gaze upon Me and never look away. I alone will last. This world and all its things will fade away. I am the Alpha and Omega. Before you were even a speck in your mother's eye, I had already formed you in MY eye-your looks, strengths, weaknessess, your ambitions, your voice, your heart, and your spirit. Every piece of you was made by Me, for Me. I will calm the noise in your soul with My touch. I will alleviate the frenzy in your mind with My peace. I will bring contentment to your fearful heart with My promises. I AM. You were not. I AM. You are not. I AM. You will not be. I AM reigns forever. I AM is worthy of your trust. I AM is deserving of your praise. I AM is the most Beautiful One. I AM is the lover of your soul. I AM killed His son for You. I AM imputed His Son's righteousness to you. I AM looks upon you as perfect. I AM is enough for you.

Jen, nope, never found my hat.


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